Jennifer McKnight earned her BFA at Washington University in Printmaking and her Masters in Graphic Design at California Institute of Arts (CalArts) She is currently an Associate Professor in Studio Art at University of Missouri–St. Louis. Her work is recognized in publications such as Print Magazine, :Output, and “Becoming a Graphic Designer: A guide to Careers in Design” by Steven Heller and Theresa Fernandes. Her design writing is published in the AIGA National Education Archives, Redaction Magazine, No Tasarim, as well as in Means by Which we Find our Way, edited by David Gardner and Andrea Wilkinson and Robin Landa’s Graphic Design Solutions 4th ed.

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Projects include work for Touhill Performing Arts Center, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Saint Louis City Museum, Humane Society of Missouri, and Molloy College. Her posters have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Exhibits include the 2010 Golden Bee International Poster Biennial, Moscow. Her posters are and have been published in the Messages to the World exhibition catalogue, Shanghai, and the 4th and 5th United Designs catalogues.

Jen has lectured and taught workshops in design, new media, and printmaking nationally and internationally, as well as instigating alternative learning venues and opportunities for students.

Here is my page at the University of Missouri – St. Louis.



P1040708 Jen ChicagoI think the most empowering kind of activism is linked to education. My goal is to introduce students to new ways to make, new ways to think about old problems, new way to envision and actively craft their world. My teaching goals involve providing students with new learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom through a wide range of media and techniques. I aim to provide design students with new ideas for how to practice and think about, and take part in design from throughout the world. I introduce my students to designers practicing different specialties, expose them to the over-arching problems the design profession seeks to solve, and introduce them to related fields that can provide inspiration.

I developed the UMSL Graphic Design lecture series, to inspire our students and community, challenge them to think big, and create international links to our program that students can use to inspire research and design deaydreams.