Graphic Design Thesis Presentations

| May 10, 2017

This year was an amazing year for Thesis Presentations at UM-St. Louis. I was truly grateful to be a part for Senior Seminar this year. Check out this great article in UMSL Daily. Thank you to Evie Hemphill for the excellent article and photo.

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Jen McKnight is an associate professor of art and art history at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Jennifer McKnight earned her BFA at Washington University in Printmaking and her Masters in Graphic Design at California Institute of Arts (CalArts). Her work is recognized in publications such as Print Magazine, :Output, and “Becoming a Graphic Designer: A guide to Careers in Design” by Steven Heller and Theresa Fernandes. Her design writing is published in the AIGA National Education Archives, Redaction Magazine, No Tasarim, as well as in Means by Which we Find our Way, edited by David Gardner and Andrea Wilkinson and Robin Landa’s Graphic Design Solutions 4th ed.

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